<bSIDE6 photography by Stephen Miller>

<bSIDE6 photography by Stephen Miller>

Who we are

Pingree Northwest is a real estate management and consulting company specializing in an integrated approach to planning, constructing, leasing, and managing, urban infill commercial real estate projects. With the ability to provide continuity through all phases of a project, PNW assists in delivering real estate that is positioned optimally for long-term value to the property owner. 

Capable of bringing perspective to any and all facets of commercial real estate development and ownership, Pingree Northwest is experienced in everything from new construction to the renovation of buildings, to re-positioning existing assets in need of long term planning & vision and attention to effective management.

What we do

Project Management

Working in concert with the architect, engineer and the Owner, Pingree Northwest LLC brings experienced due diligence, feasibility perspective, design input, and bidding/contractor selection as an owner’s representative advising in the preliminary and construction phases of the project.


Fluent in the myriad phases of the project, Pingree Northwest implements a leasing strategy that is tailored towards the strengths of the property, and the Owner’s long term objectives for the real estate.

The most compelling leasing agent is one who understands the neighborhood, facility, the design, and the Owner objectives, and is involved in all stages of the process. The goal is to secure tenants who are enthusiastic about the building, and positioned to deliver upon your promise as Landlord, gaining their loyalty, and ultimately their long-term business at the building in the process.

Property Management

Effective property management is equipped with comprehensive understanding of the construction, contractors, facility, leases and tenants involved with the project to bring it to occupancy. As such, Pingree Northwest is positioned to deliver an exceptional tenant experience to help ensure long-term tenant retention, minimal reoccurring leasing and vacancy costs, and ultimately, to maximize the cash flow and value of the property.

Property Bookkeeping

Pingree Northwest utilizes a leading property accounting platform that provides accurate and timely reporting, and streamlined online tenant rent collection. We recognize the value in delivering clarity on property performance, so our clients are equipped with readily available up-to-date financial information. Our team delivers monthly management reporting that provides insight, budget analysis and full property accounting reports, and also perform CAM reconciliations, develop annual operating budgets and work directly with our client’s CPAs to deliver all year-end information.